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We will be open on November 30, 2015, Monday, a holiday. Please confirm your appointments with our secretary through mobile +63917-8080193 or landline numbers +632-4212469 +632-3576427. You may also send us an email at psychconsult@gmail.com. Thank you!

Workshops for 2016 

Developing Social Skills in Children and Adolescents

We will have the next run of the 10-session workshop during Quarter 1 of 2016! Details to follow.

For inquiries, call: +639178080193, telephones 02-421-2469, 02-357-6427 or email: psychconsult@gmail.com

Venue: Regalia Park Towers, 150 P. Tuazon Blvd. near corner EDSA, Cubao, QC

Since 2010, we have been running regular social skills workshops for children and teens. They learn this most important life skill through games, role play, and videos. Better social skills help children cultivate positive interactions, communicate appropriately, recognize and express their feelings.

What is your social skills workshop? Some children and adolescents have difficulty getting along with peers because some of their social skills have not been developed. These include identifying feelings in themselves and in others, learning social cues, handling frustration, taking turns, and learning proper behaviors in a group. In 2010, we developed a program with 10 structured group sessions aimed to help children and adolescents:

– Increase self-awareness by understanding their thoughts and feelings
– Demonstrate how to act appropriately given specific situations
– Read social cues by putting oneself in another person’s position
– Make smart guesses about other people’s thoughts and feelings
– Communicate by initiating and responding to verbal communication

I think my child needs to develop his/her social skills. How can he/she join your workshop? We conduct the workshop year-round, after we have gathered the minimum number of children or adolescents to attend this workshop. If you think your child will benefit from this, you may seek consultation with one of our psychologists. He/she will describe the workshop to you and how it can help your child.

Bullying: Overview, individuals involved, and strategies to address bullying

Strategies to deal with bullying in school by Dr. Boboy Alianan Part 1,  Part 2, Part 3.

Welcome to PsychConsult!

PsychConsult, Inc. is a pioneering psychological firm in the Philippines.

We are a group of Filipino Psychologists focused on promoting our clients’ psychological health and well-being. We work with individuals, groups, and families to be empowered and attain better emotional wellbeing to function as productive members of the community. Our goal is to assist in bringing out the best in people and improving their quality of life.

Since 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to provide quality clinical psychological services, consulting and addressing the needs of our clients. As one of the pioneers of group practice in the Philippines, our consultants have engaged in their own clinical work for a minimum of 6 years, to as long as 20 years, and have held various posts in the academe and hospital settings.

We also commit to train aspiring junior psychologists and fellow psychologists through our supervision program.

We conduct psychotherapy (counseling) for individuals and groups, psychological assessment, team and parent conferences, workshops, and provide intervention to company employees through an Employee Assistance Program.

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